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Who We Are

Cyber Risk Assurance are a solution provider for all your Risk Assurance needs and together with our strategic partners we include leading edge risk assessment and mitigation solutions for our clients’ needs.

We provide clients with solutions and tools to address their cyber risks at a strategic and holistic business level, so that directors, senior executives, responsible office holders and business owners can minimise their risks and exposure to potential significant loss both by better risk mitigation and risk resilience to business disruption.

Cyber Risk Assurance provides strategic direction by evaluating the current situation and then with its market tested, in-house developed and industry leading solutions we help mitigate business operational, reputational, financial, legal, compliance and personal risks faced by organisations and their key office holders.

We deliver integrated risk mitigation solutions through effective needs assessment and strategy implementation using the latest market solutions.

Our risk assessment methodology employs a comprehensive set of procedures, products and tools to identify, analyse, evaluate, manage and mitigate an organisation’s key physical, health and cyber risks rapidly and efficiently.

We work actively with our clients to continuously develop our solutions in the ever evolving landscape of physical, health and cyber threats.

We are engaged with universities and industry to develop advanced AI solutions to continuously improve how we help our clients.

With our global and regional business partners we seek to improve our range and depth of solutions to meet the growing needs of our global clients in financial services and insurance, professional services, RegTech, Fintech, health, government and critical infrastructure.

Our Team