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Risk Solutions

Products and Solutions

Cyber Risk Assurance provides the following suite of products and solutions: 

Comprehensive Risk Information Strategy (CRIS) is our tailored whole of business focused strategic alignment of business objectives with its overall risk posture. We include scoping, program management, governance and implementation oversight and board and C-level focused practical scenario workshops. Initial Scoping Study and professional services fees are negotiable. Our suite of tools and solutions provide for the rapid deployment of a strategic organisation wide ‘As is’ scenario assessment with risk resilience benchmarking and risk exposure tools.

  1. Comprehensive Risk Assessment Tool (CRAT) this rates the risk resilience of businesses against industry vertical and/or industry good practice to help them survive various security breaches. Our tool can rapidly determine a whole of business ‘As-is’ security posture status, which is readily understandable by boards, directors and staff and can be used to address insurance requirements. It also highlights key weakness areas and with the purchase of the Risk Resilience Report, it will provide our clients with recommendations on how to resolve any issues and mitigate those risks effectively.
  2. Cyber Risk Assurance for Technology (CRAFT) – Provide Exec Summary of cyber risk assessment for technology to the Executive. Rapid identification of any weaknesses through use of our Partner solutions, including CIP Whitethorn which identifies, assesses and manages Digital Certificates across the business. Achieve rapid reduction of operational expenses either internal or from the outsourced managed services whilst increasing security posture. (
  3. Cyber Risk Education (CRED) – is a set of solutions from subject matter experts which provide cyber education, practical awareness and training for directors, executives and staff, as well as cyber security awareness videos from leading cyber security content developers.
  4. Cyber Risk Experience Workshops (CREW) for Boards, directors, senior executives and staff. These are focused on improving the practical understanding, skills and developing the experience of Boards and C-Level executives to address real-life, physical and cyber breach scenarios.
  5. Cyber Risk Exposure Modelling (CREM) – this delivers competitive advantage to your business by enabling executives and/or the Board to make strategic business decisions based on financial metrics for risk reduction, operational efficiency gains and return on investment when addressing risks on a holistic level across the organisation.
  6. Cyber Risk Assurance Data (CRAD) – collects valuable data on businesses and how they have addressed their risk resilience. This in turn can facilitate how insurance companies can provide more relevant quotes for cyber insurance. we can distribute its products via distributors such as association/membership-based organisations, insurance brokers and other organisations within a central regulatory body. Data can be collected on various data points, including cyber risk category, industry vertical and geographic extent.
  7. Comprehensive Risk Information Management (CRIM) – these include Asset Management Plan, Continuity Management Plan, Disaster Recovery Plan, Incident Management Plan, Vulnerability Management Plan and post-breach solutions. We are increasing the interactivity of these plans to help our clients improve their readiness for potential post-breach scenarios.

CRA’s Professional Services

We work closely with our strategic partners to provide a full range of services to address all your tailored needs, including:

  • Customisation of any Risk Assessment product or solution
  • Post-Breach Services
  • Chief Security Officer as a Service (CSOaaS)
  • Specific security technical professional services then CRA will suggest our Partners with specific skills sets relevant for the work required.
  • Any onboarding and value-added solutions required for the Client’s team, including, sales, operations staff, salespeople and account manager training and professional development.