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Threats Faced by Organisations

Directors and senior executives underestimate the consequences of cyber security threats due to a lack of understanding. The combined
threat of physical, cyber and biological threats on any organisation’s viability can be not only unpredictable, but potentially catastrophic
and requires a more business focused view on risk mitigation.

Here are the current key concerns:

  • The viral pandemic and associated travel bans have caused significant disruption to global supply chains and cashflow in all sectors;
  • Recent weather-related effects around Australia have caused significant disruption to local communities and affected tourism and
  • transport and distribution affecting the supply chain in many areas;
  • Local regulations including Australian Data Breach laws, APRA regulation, APS 234, and global regulations such as the EU GDPR can
  • result in substantial penalties and fines to organisations, their directors and senior executives for any non-compliance;
  • Increasing cybersecurity attacks by state actors and cyber criminals have significantly affected organisations and they are impacting cash flow and supply chains.

Without a holistic and integrated risk mitigation approach, the combination of the cost of broken supply chains, the impact on cashflow
due to a cyber breach, combined with heavy fines and/or negative PR can cause irreparable loss to any organisation. Preparedness and
knowledge are the keys to improving your risk resilience. We equip businesses with the strategic means to identify their key physical, and
business operational and cyber risks and help them mitigate their exposure with practical solutions which business executives can
understand and execute effectively.