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Cyber Risk Assurance

simplified cyber risk mitigation and assessment

What We Do

Business & Organisations

Directors and Senior Executives can underestimate the consequences of physical, biosecurity and cyber threats due to a lack of understanding. Existing and new local and global regulations including Australian Data Breach laws, EU GDPR and APRA regulation APS 234 can result in organisations, their directors and senior executives having to face heavy penalties and fines for non-compliance. Additionally, large organisations can face substantial reputational damage, whilst smaller firms can face catastrophic cashflow shortages after a breach or a break in their supply chain. At the personal level directors, senior executives, business owners, and responsible officeholders can face serious personal reputational damage from which they rarely recover. And in the worst-case scenario, a breach can affect their personal wealth as well.

Without strategic and holistic risk mitigation, the combination of the cost of a broken supply chain, a cease in cashflow due to a cyber breach, combined with heavy fines and negative PR can cause irreparable loss to any organisation. Preparedness and knowledge are the keys to improving your risk resilience. We equip businesses with the strategic means to identify their key physical, and business operational and cyber risks and help them mitigate their exposure with practical solutions that business executives can understand.

Who We Help

Cyber Risk Assurance supports the following industry sectors:

  • Professional Services, RegTech and Fintech organisations

  • Financial Services

  • Health
  • Critical Infrastructure

  • Government

Directors, Senior Executives, Business Owners and Responsible Officeholders.

We engage with the boards, directors, business owners and responsible office holders of medium to large organisations. Due to recent events, it has become even more important for organisations to mitigate against physical, biosecurity and cybersecurity related risks. We use an integrated risk management framework to develop strategic and holistic business solutions for them. We provide complementary services and cyber risk solutions.

We help solve our clients’ overall strategic risk mitigation needs at a holistic business level and we bring in our technology partners to assist, when their expertise is required.

We have developed our risk assessment solutions to help improve the risk resilience of our clients which provides demonstrable benefits to them in the short and medium term.

For example, we provide the risk identification and comparative analysis assessments to determine current status and due diligence services for organisations to comply with their industry governance, risk and compliance requirements.

What are the key risks?

Today’s business environment is experiencing increased levels of uncertainty due to new physical, biosecurity and cyber risk related scenarios. Threats and attacks are becoming ever more complex, more highly technical and ever more pervasive. New digital applications are generally set up for ‘ease of use’ and not with security risk mitigation at ‘top of mind’. What is more important is that physical, health and cyber threats are constantly evolving and with our interconnected environment, these risks can spread quickly across the globe.

Organisations can no longer expect to deal with these risks just in the more traditional ways, such as building fortress perimeter defences. These risks need to be identified, anticipated and/or mitigated at speed, viably. The fortress mentality approach is potentially fraught with danger for our client organisations and their customers. The solution is to build risk resilience and to deal with the risk mitigation scenarios when their defences are penetrated with effective and practical solutions.

Cyber Risk Assurance provide its clients with highly qualified risk assessments across their organisation so we can guide them on the journey to become more risk resilient.


“Following your demonstration of Cyber Risk Assurance Groups online questionnaire, we were impressed with the user friendly interface that you have developed. The questions were straight forward and easy to understand. We see this as a useful tool to determining our exposures with relation to Cyber threats.”

Luke Sussmann, Senior Account Broker, Tier 1 A.F.S, Osman Brokers

“We are building a product offering to target the SMB, and advertising directly to them, using the Cyber Risk Assessment Tool makes a lot of sense”

 Mark Mantakoul, General Manager Allcom Networks

“It was certainly simple enough to work through and the report was very useful. Most of the recommendations I have already considered, but it gave me extra background around those areas of concern. I will be presenting the report to my Board’s Risk Subcommittee”

Michelle Tonge, CFO, Medical Specialties Pty Ltd

Cyber Risk Assurance – holistic and integrated risk mitigation

Our business partners:

CRA has established partnerships with providers of practical and tested solutions which deliver tangible results to our client base.